Transformation and Consolidation

Our approach

When developing a methodology for financial statement preparation, we pay special attention to your needs and comply with all applicable rules and standards.
Reporting Transformation and Consolidation
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  • Development of financial statement methodology in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines
  • Preparation of detailed work sheets and reports on discrepancies between corporate reporting and local accounting
  • Preparation of disclosures and clarifications in accordance with applicable standards
  • Communication with the recipients of the financial reporting (financial department of the group, auditors, shareholders etc.)
Development of Management Accounting
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  • Study the business / management needs and analyze accounting processes
  • Development of management reporting formats (ad-hoc, regular)
  • Development of management accounting methodology based on regular and operational accounting
Development of Combined Accounting
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  • Analysis of your accounting requirements in accordance with two or more accounting standards simultaneously
  • Review of the accounting and applied automation solutions
  • Review of the accounting policies and applicable standards for each type of accounting
  • Development of methodologies for combined accounting and advise on automated solutions
  • Training your employees and support them in implementing combined accounting
Convergence of RAS and Corporate Standards
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  • Review of the applied methodology and accounting policy to identify options for converging RAS and corporate standards
  • Analyze corporate standards applicability to RAS financial statements (estimate potential discrepancies and risks)
  • Advise on applying corporate standards and adapting them to Russian accounting policy
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