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Internship Conditions and Possibilities
  • Length: 3 months
  • Flexible working hours (for students)
  • Full employment upon successful internship
  • Possibility to manage your own projects within 6 months after the internship
  • Promotion and pay raise possible every year
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Bellerage’s corporate culture is characterized by a climate of openness, friendliness and cooperation.

Expectations to applicants:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • English - intermediate and above
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode and compliance with deadlines
  • Proactive, result oriented
Selection stages

Internship positions in the different directions are open year-round

We communicate the results of each stage to you by phone or mail
Testing on our website
Testing in the office, interview with HR
Interview with a manager and the head of department
Success stories
Maria Shchegolikhina
Senior Consultant

While completing my first year of the MA degree, I realized that it was a high time to start looking for a job. Quite by chance, I came across an interesting newsletter from FutureToday with the proposal to try myself in the consulting field – mainly, to join Bellerage! And an adventurous journey hit the road!

I looked through the web site of the company, dug through the references of the current and former employees and decided to apply for the internship in Financial Outsourcing. Having passed all the interviews with not-so-easy success, I was accepted and joined the team of FO & Consulting. That was a turning point in my life!

Challenging tasks and assignments from my managers and colleagues turned out to be a far more interesting experience than the lectures in the University. From day one you are literally immersed in the clients’ world, their cases – which is a great drive, in comparison with some trivial subjects or the theory drill.  By the way learning-on-the-job, the internship in a classical way of studying, still exists too and it is quite intensive.  Just in three months you get on-hands experience and learn more than in years in the university.

And believe it or not, but I was surprised I still could combine both the studying process in the university and the internship – I’d been warned about some minor pressure issues but they are workable if you manage your time efficiently.

It’s also worth mentioning that the atmosphere is warm and unique in each team, stream, practice group and in the company overall which is precious especially in consulting. I found here not just pleasant colleagues, but real friends – all thanks to the team-building trips to the country, group lunches, birthdays and other out-of-the-door activities together.

For the last five years I grew from an intern with some vague theoretical knowledge in finance up to Consultant of the 3rd grade with my own team and projects. And there is no limit as I am still paving my way up, learning more each day, developing my expertise, enhancing my knowledge and experience.

I strongly believe that the internship in Bellerage is a great opportunity to grow up to a full-fledged professional in a wink of an eye, to become a valued team-member among a friendly circle of like-minded breed you can count on.

Alexander Filinov
Senior Manager

Working in the financial outsourcing department of Bellerage is both challenging and exciting. You get the opportunity to communicate with high-level professionals and top managers of large companies. These can be very different people, it is not always easy to find an approach to everyone, and therefore, when working at Bellerage, you constantly develop your communication skills.

Working in the financial outsourcing department, you regularly give clients advice on choosing a financial model, optimizing taxation, building optimal business processes - thus, every day there is an opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the development of a client's business. In order to understand his business well and give professionally founded and practical advice, you need to learn quickly and absorb a lot of information in a short time. You will have to work a lot. But on the other hand, career growth is faster than in other companies, and most importantly, it depends only on you. There are always plenty of opportunities for professional growth.

While still a physics student at Moscow State University, I came to the financial outsourcing team of Bellerage as an intern and started from scratch. At present, I lead a team of 20 people. Nevertheless, I am not going to be satisfied with what I already achieved – I have more plans for further professional growth and for expanding my team. Of course, to work well, you need a friendly atmosphere. Bellerage’s team is made of positively minded and open people. The company's management is always ready to listen to initiatives and proposals. Company trips to the countryside twice a year are always fun and unforgettable.

Marina Golubentseva

Consulting is an area of activity in which high workload is combined with a variety of tasks. The pressure to deliver results is balanced by constant new experiences. Teamwork provides an opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues. Consulting is not about routine and regularity.

Every time I look back at my previous experience in sectorial industry companies (I went up almost the full career ladder from accountant to CFO), I am convinced that I took the right choice, when more than 10 years ago I decided in favor of a career at Bellerage. Having moved up from Senior Consultant to Partner, I can say with confidence: regardless of your grade and position, consulting is always interesting and offers prospects for growth and development. Bellerage is a friendly and close-knit team, full of smart and motivated employees, with very different clients and projects.

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Financial Outsourcing & Consulting

Bellerage is a Top-5 Accounting and Financial Outsourcing provider in Russia.

An internship with us can be the foundation of a career in finance leading you to become CFO of an international company!

Our financial outsourcing team supports the financial activities of foreign companies in Russia, as well as advises clients on accounting, finances, and taxes.

HR / Admin / Client Relations

Do you want to look at the life of a consulting company from the inside and are not afraid of multitasking? Join us for an internship at HR / Admin / Client Relations!

You will be directly involved in:

  • Recruitment and adaptation of personnel
  • Optimization and implementation of internal business processes
  • Organization of events and seminars for external guests
  • Company brand development and much more

During an internship at Bellerage’s Legal Department, you will come across real cases on day one.

You will be able to try yourself in various areas of law and to develop a wide professional horizon. Contractual, corporate and labor law, representation in courts - this is only part of the professional competencies that you can acquire when working with foreign companies!

Tax Advisory & Audit

You are accurate and have an analytical mind? Then the direction of Audit & Advisory is for you!

During projects you will learn:

  • To conduct an audit according to Russian and international standards
  • The transformation and consolidation of reporting
  • To advise clients on financial and tax issues and much more

As part of a team of experienced IT professionals, you will get the opportunity to work in the following areas:

  • Development of mobile and web applications using the latest technologies
  • Projects for automating business processes

From the very beginning of the internship, you will be able to solve real business problems and create products for customer use!

Nous sommes ouverts aux nouvelles idées et solutions, ainsi qu'à vos questions
Veuillez nous contacter via WhatsApp, Telegram ou e-mail, ou laissez-nous vos coordonnées afin que nous puissions vous contacter dans les plus brefs délais

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Accessible via une interface web ou une application mobile, notre plateforme unique vous permet de

  • Communiquer avec votre consultant, créer des demandes et évaluer nos services en temps réel,
  • Soumettre des documents pour traitement,
  • Accéder aux documents dans votre bibliothèque en ligne,
  • Signer des documents de manière électronique,
  • Automatiser et contrôler les processus métiers de votre entreprise,
  • Analyser vos chiffres financiers à l'aide de rapports en ligne dynamiques.

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